La Reina Del Grito
The city of Brownsville – located on the southernmost tip of Texas, on the border with Mexico – holds an annual Grito Contest. A “grito” is a yell which originated as a war cry and is now a common interjection and a staple of Mexican culture. Marisa Leal is the reigning queen and ten time champion of the contest.
Retired puppeteer Addis Williams breathes life into more than just his puppets. Williams is a marionettist who has been residing in Greenwich Village for the better part of forty years. In this intimate portrait, the wise yet skeptical artist will surely pull at your heart strings. This short was produced in collaboration with my good friend Katie Tandy. It was officially selected for the Greenwich Village Film Festival in 2016 and was awarded Best Documentary Super Short at Chain Film Festival, 2017.
A Brief Report On Catcalling
The Donor Project
Artist Jenny Carolin has donated her eggs five times. Read more on The Huffington Post.
Send In The Feminist Clown
Heavy Metal Yoga
heavy metal yoga
I find that going to yoga is a lot like going to the post office: Sometimes you just can’t avoid it, but you know you’ll hate everyone involved. After overhearing one too many conversations about juice cleanses while positioning my yoga mat – invariably next to a drop dead gorgeous Bendy-Wendy who warms up with effortless handstands, and contemplating murdering twosomes doing couples yoga whenever I see them tantric dry humping in the park (seriously guys, get a room), I thought maybe I was done with it. Read the rest of the article on Brokelyn…